Planners are Key

Many brides day dream about the day when they will walk down the isle with the love of their life! Some young ladies even start planning their wedding day, before they finish high school, whether they know who they are going to marry or not, in an effort to make sure their special day is magical and flawless. Technology makes it easier to do that, with all of the information available to you, at your fingertips, via the internet.

Because many brides begin planning their dream wedding, long before they actually walk down the isle, some brides feel that they can plan their own wedding day and often do not see the value of a wedding planner. When brides and grooms or parents of the bride look at their overall budget and need to trim back, on many occasions, the fee for the wedding planner’s services is viewed as non-essential, in turn, cut.  Perhaps because the Bride believes that she can have her Mother, cousin or best friend, help plan and manage their dream wedding and ensure that their special day goes off, without a hitch. However, one, out of the many benefits of hiring a wedding planner is that professional planners have business relationships with many different industry professionals, such as: venues, photographers, florists, musicians, caterers, lodging, transportation, etc. Because of the wedding planner’s vendor relationships, often times, the planner can save her bride & groom several hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, overall. So the big questions that I ask all of my prospective Brides, “Why wouldn’t a bride ensure that she hired a wedding planner?”


  2 comments for “Planners are Key

  1. Andrea
    November 19, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    I love your insight and agree that an event planner is absolutely essential for any meaningful event, especially a wedding!

    • Andrea
      November 19, 2014 at 7:16 pm

      I absolutely agree!

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